Monday, April 18, 2005

so far winning the war vs. the cold. :D had some hot tea wt honey (no lemons unfortunately). and then had a lovely shower wt menthol shower/shampoo da works and it helped. Tried to rest wt the boys after school (only josh went, jamie rested at home although he BAWLED like anything cos daddy (who worked from home today) drove off and he wanted to go to school. We took him wt us to pick up joshua as he was much better. Appetite still not as his best, neither is josh's but they r much much better, thankfully. Jamie had another nap so I think thats helping although tiresome sometimes.. but at least he takes his meds, but only from daddy, he kept sayang his daddy a lot.. so sweet.. put em to bed, josh konked out quickly (he didnt nap) and jamie was up longer, I guess cos of the nap, He wld sayang daddy and then mummy and then had to kiss baby kieran! lol Cute at first but had to stop it cos getting too late!

Hv been hvng tightning every 15-20mins, duration abt hmm, 40secs on average. Getting more more intense. We shall see. There was thundering earlier, haha, told d the drama unfolds LOL anyway, d cooked dins and is clearing up and weve caught up wt laundry hopefully. Parents are in town already, will chat to them soon. D's started recording down duration and time now, just to be sure. We shall see.. I was saying to darlene, symmy and barb last night online, been false alarms etc, when I do go into labour, I'd prob not believe it and leave it HAHAHAHA

prob still be here tomorrow, same as always sigh.

anyways, just a quick blog, tired, gotta ring the parents and then mebbe shower again, sleep early.

and... CONGRATULATIONS TO SREE AND REA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woohhoooo sree proposed to her last night in Kuala Selangor amongst the fireflies (so der romantic wannn) and she also "counter-proposed" so both will hv some fine "bling" LOL well ok, mebbe not major "bling" thankfully LOL but symbolic "bling" which is always much better! :) Im excited! another wedding next year, I'd dance arnd except I may start labour.. oh.. wait.. ehheheheeee

congrats again you two! :) major huggles and happy thoughts!

ok.. off we go!

later days


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