Sunday, April 17, 2005

I think Im abt to catch their cold.. working to fight it off (by sure determination and extra Vit C and more and more fluids haha).. jamie started morning ok, then developed fever in arvo (after his nap).. let him doze as much as he wanted inbtwn lots of fluids. Ate a light dins, seemed better. REfused meds so just a nice shower, made sure all dry and then shovelled off to bed again. Josh is in jolly mood so he;s pretty recovered. Then Jamie woke up, hacked and then gagged and threw up, had to help don wt that... then josh woke up of course and then refused to let me leave the room.. So don had to kau tim the laundry etc etc. We had another mega storm.. gosh its a night of drama and so I was joking to don, bet Baby kieran starts wanting to come out! THe look don gave me was... so not the amused ROFL been trying to walk places and rest as well and well.. I dunno.. sigh...

anyway, they eventually settled back down to sleep and so far, so good Jamie eventually let daddy (and daddy only it seems can do these things) give him his meds. He's been wanting daddy most of the day so its ok. but tomorrow D is back at work.. aiyoooooo.. oh well, parents shld be in KL by early evening tomorrow I think... So Baby kieran isnt allowed to come till tues ROFL

I think I need to sleep.......

later days


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