Friday, April 01, 2005

Decided to let the Cuddly Kids have their own blog. Check it out, links at side :) or at !

no more tightening etc. Hope you guys like the pix, the Hello program works like a charm! Thanks for that jenn! (it works wt picasa too!)

Im awful tired and my boobs are leaking and hurting, I feel intense pelvic pressure but no more contractions/tightening. Mebbe just a false alarm or my son's idea of an April Fool Joke. grrrrrrrrrrrr... we shall see.. the night is still young HAHAHHAAA After discussing it with don just now, decided to change Kieran's middle name from Gabriel to Matthew. :) Jian Ren remains as his chinese name methinks, Strength and Kindness (wishful thinking? lol). So Kieran Matthew Goh Jian Ren better make up his mind when he's coming! Godma Karen and Godpa Drew think he has a sense of humour hah! ! LOL

later days y'all!


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