Monday, January 12, 2004

well, we're back! Jamie's cough/cold got worse the first day in Penang, the journey there was fine, boys slept most of the way and when they were awake, just amused themselves quietly with the occasional yell of "CAR". journey was pleasant enough (we left pretty early) and some police roadblocks but nothing else untoward. Got into the hotel (discovered we were staying at the Bayview after all) and the pipes were leaking in the bathroom! and they took HOURS to come and check on the pipes, I called them a couple of times, even to get extra pillow/towels (got limit to no. u can borrow somemore). the food was HORRRIBLE...boys were very good tho slept pretty well, despite jamie's cough (he woke up a few times, gave him water). We put the two twin beds together and don slept in middle and josh on his left and jamie on right and I on the other end. Drew brought us the bedrails so we used one as well. Good boys :D Next day, they loved the cornflakes that were on offer (everything else they spat out) so that's something and we went to the pool for a lovely swim (They loved that after the initial shock of the cold water) and then to the beach, Jamie loved playing wt the sand but josh wasnt so sure. they werent into the sea either (the water was kinda chilly I guess). They had a gooood two hour nap in the pm along wt daddy while mummy got to relax wt others. Went for dins at 68 Kelawei Road (my grandmother's old home), which is now a western restr. and not a nyonya place as we thought. Anyway, food was pleasant enough and Suet was with us, showed the boys around. It was late by the time we got home and they slept pretty straight away. Don went down to the company dins after they had settled in and mumm went to sleep early. The next day was rather rushed but we saw a beautiful sunrise and the boys were chirpy. After breakfast, packed up and we headed to the Burmese Temple (Buddhist) and we lit a lotus candle/josssticks/prayers along wt each child, it was an emotional time for me (unexpectedly). the monks were at their meal at that time so couldnt ask for blessing.. oh well.. Another time, maybe wt Ah Khong hor...

After that, we grabbed quick lunch at McD's (we convoyed wt Drew and Suet) and headed out. It was so hot tho :( we stopped twice.. Josh threw up once and we had to stop in the emergency lane.. cleaned up etc. Got home ok, poor boys, they were generally very good and slept and/or just chatted to us. karen was there to help out (She housesat) and after a lil dinner etc/bath, put them to bed. Josh got sick 2x in the end, had a slight fever and coughing (i think he's caught jamie's cough/cold) and had to clear up, Jamie got scared by the screaming and throwing up and he wldnt settle back to sleep, he slept wt us in the end :( They r ok this morning, good mood :) Josh is asleep now and Jamie is up and about, he may just sleep in the afternoon.

There was this colleague of my dhs sitting at our lunch table, talking to some other colleagues (one of whom is also a dear friend of mine), Don was upstairs looking after Jamie and josh was still eating, my friend helping me feed him so I can hv my makan (his wife expecting May this year hehe, great news! told them abt this site etc). anyway, this colleague apparently changed his mind reg: this trip at last min and apparently he had promised his wife a night off (on fri) for a change. he said he had to negotiate wt her so he cld come up.. He has to look after the kids one day out of the MONTH for the next three months. he said it like great big sacrifice like that... This is from a man who was at a party the other time and his wife (who is now pregnant again wt No:3) was running after two actives boys (one aged 18mths+ and one abt 4 I think) and he just sat there eating/drinking and generally ignoring her.

he was saying to me (hah! like he can get sympathy from me!) like his wife shld understand he needs a break blah blah blah (he works long hours and w.ends quite happily u know). I thought hmmm.... shld I be nasty.... I told him, waah so kind of you to even offer to look after ur kids for one night a MONTH hor... your wife must feel so privileged.....he didnt even notice the sarcasm LOL he was agreeing and saying how good a husband he was...

Time to get their makan (and mine)...

later days y;all!


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