Thursday, January 08, 2004

Been a couple of days since last entry. Jamie is sniffling a lil, with a bit of a cough. and can see his upper molars burst thru already. Josh is just plain old grumpy bear. Jamie sometimes calls me 'Lia' so funny... but shld be mommy I guess ehhee Been getting ready for the trip this coming w.end to Penang. Cleared away the Xmas Tree and so forth. Jamie was up most of last night :( anyway, went to 1U yday. Met MIL there....Here's my entry from MMB:

. Well.. the day after... It was relatively peaceful.. Whew! I pushed the stroller and made sure we kept to our pace, she took things out of display to let the boys destroy it.. I told her vry firmly that you can show them but at a safe distance and Im not paying for any destroyed items to be honest. She kept stuffing food down Josh's mouth when he was already gagging! and this after I told her he's had enough.

And then.. I was showing her the buggy board that BebeHouse also sells, that my SIL gave me.. and she asked how it worked, I explained blah blah.. she told I mustnt go out wt three kids, better wait for don at w.ends. I told her why not (by that time, argumentative mood hehe)... she says no no u musnt, u wont be able to cope.. I said why not.. Don and I dont always hv free time to do stuff at w.ends anyway.. She said oh u wont be able to protect them from danger if u go out wt three kids! I was like HUH?!?!! I told her, u do what u can.. but if u hv bad luck, sorrylah, what can u do... I told her frankly that I'd hv to take boys to kindy etc and we;ll hv errands/shopping etc to do. I also said it's good for everyone not to be at home all the time, day in day out and I also said I dont think it's healthy either and I dont intend to live my life in fear of the "maybe" and my kids shld learn to be confident (albeit aware). She says no no, u cant cope. I told her, well how come western women do it all the time wt even more kids.. and relatively more dangers? And also why u think my boys are generally well behaved when we are out.. it's cos they hv been out and about in bits and pieces over their lives... She did concede to that... I very nearly said to her, YOU can live ur life in fear and isolation but THAT's not what I intend for my kids or myself... but I think hmmmm.. a bit far LOL....I do hv some self-control... I need to be independent as well.. I mean dh is a great support and all but Im the main caregiver so if I cant even change a lightbulb so to speak w.o a man, then howlah.. and if anything happens to dh (hopefully never), then how... u hv to be able to manage one way or another right? I dunno.. that's me..

She rang up today, (after I said today wld be a quiet day after the cleaners came), she says she can play wt the boys while I do laundry/pack etc.. I told her no today is a quiet day like I mentioned yday and thanks for the offer but we're ok. Then she said: oh but I can play wt them while u can pack etc so u can get an early night. Can you cope? I had to cut her short cos my boys were abt to reach my hot drink on my desk, I said thanks Ma but we are ok, I cant talk now anyway. bye...

she carried on rabbling abt sandflies and better not take them to beach cos they will get bitten by sandflies or get a hotel sheet to lie on the sand so they dont get bit (btw I dont ever remember geting bitten and I GREW up there). I told her I hv a beach mat all ready.. she said u'd better get ur friends to help cos u cant cope.. I am like nooo... I think we'd be fine thanks, they can come enjoy too but they help cos they r kind that way but they dont HAVE to.. and I am not abt to force ppl to come over to see us to HELP esp. they r also on hols.. I had to throw down the phone and grabbed josh's hand away from my desk area.. Grrr... I told her look, Ma I cant talk now, thanks for the offer but we are fine.. She kept insisting to carry on talking and say u cant cope wt packing etc.. so I got rather ratty (I had screaming baby in my ear).. I told her This is wha tI do every day and cope thanks.. I'll be fine, if I need ur help I will call thanks.. I need to go. She said oh get dh to call me tonight so I can tell him.. I said ok, bye.. and hung up.

I mean u can hear the babies crying and I told her I need to go thanks... I dont like hanging up like that.. not nice mah.. but then I realised hmmm... I'd rather my babies not hurt themselves wt my drink or anything like that right? so sorry;ah next ti,me I just hang up...

cleaners here today and this pm, bz wt getting ready for tomorrow. Karen over tonight to get keys etc, she's house/dog sitting.

HAVE a great w.end y'all.. I wont be entering any blog for a few days :D cant all the sunnies, bucket/spade, the whole lot :) gonna be FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

later days y'all


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