Thursday, January 01, 2004

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ONE AND ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! May 2004 be a happy and prosperous one! The roast pork turned out well and we had a lovely dinner and we watched fellowship on Astro after CSI. When was upstairs watching TV, I had my arms across my chest. Then suddenly MILK squirted out of my right boob.. Don and I just stared at each other in pure shock LOL been a while since that happened! Chatted wt some of my ladies and they think I shld see the OB/GYN esp after that weird period I had (it lasted NINE days or so!). So will try and make appmnt for tomorrow or Sat.

Managed to speak to my family as well so that was a lovely time, chitchatting away. It's SNOWING for them so they built a snowman front yard and back and threw snowballs. I spoke to the kids etc. The plan is to hv a big family reunion 2005 Xmas :D Dons mum isnt keen for us to visit UK again, says kids too young and the family shld come here, blah blah blah.. well, tough! I think they shld experience Xmas in the UK and we need to enjoy it all for my parents sake too! Im sure the cousins etc will come too.. anyway, she doesnt understand, dont think she ever will. She hasnt been home for eons anyway. She has no idea. Ah Kow and Uncle Kevin announced their engagement/plans to marry either end of the year or beginning of next year. so that's great news :D MIL told them to hv only one child (she doesnt think they can cope wt more than one.. I said well no twins of course, I wouldnt wish that on ANYONE if they can help it but a pair is always nice, just not all at once hehehee).. I said they need siblings.. MIL said oh they can use ur kids as siblings! I said it isnt the same and when the time is right, they will decide wha tthey want. She is still trying to dissuade to wait till the boys are in PRIMARY school bfr trying for the last kids.. I am like urm.. NO.. I dont hv many safe breeding years left anyway and then I also dont want to be too old when my kids are growing up too! Geez.. clulesslah.. anyway, it's up to US how many and when :P She rabbited on abt religion (She wants us to start taking them to CHURCH), education (she is now telling us to consider home school) URGHHHHHH.. don just sits there and never stands up for it.. anyway, they r still here, feeding kids etc.

Dunno what we hv planned for today but see on what don wants to do and how long the inlaws are staying.

hope y'all had a good new year.

later days y'all!


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