Monday, October 27, 2003

Havent been able to post for the last few days. Been busy. Fri was Deepavali! So a long w.end too. Went to Veles's family house on Fri pm with Drew and we had a lovely time, the boys sure did. They BOTH toddled up and down and around with much glee. Jamie sat next to Veles's dad at first with the remote and they watched TV and "male bonded" just fine. after their next change of nappy and their milk, they both went toddling up and down like champions! Veles has a 16mth old niece so it was chaos LOL but they had a great time and we were well tired when we got home, a quick makan and then bath/sleep time! Sat, Mama went to the office and to go to streamyx to see if can get on waiting list (haha, fat chance) and then had lunch courtesy of CW after which Drew and CW went to Midvalley while mama came home and took the boys to badminton. CW called up to say that he had a spare ticket for a fab concert over on the MPO. Ah Kow and Uncle Kevin were also coming around so they were around to help us, we fed the boys, lots of toddling, and then bath and bed. Mama got ready and CW came to pick me up and off we went. It was indeed a fab concert! The music was wonderful, the conductor really good and amusing lol and the soloist (violin) was amazing too. To top it off, there was even a schwing violinist playing somewhere in the back woohoo! Overall it was a nice time!Although Mama did get a glare for tapping her fingers along wt the music from this guy in front of us who sat so absolutely still, it was quite funny. CW called me a heathen and we had a good laugh at that guy who even glared at us for changing position (not that we dropped anything). Maybe I shld hv stopped breathing hahaa.. We picked up Pork satay from the Imbi area and then we all had supper together at home, chit chatting etc.

Also discovered one of my MNMums is my ex-schoolmate HAHA.. small world huh? We are having a mini-gathering on Nov 9th, so that shld be fun! Sunday, the boys had a nap in the morning and we were planning to take them out (or CW and I) so PApa cld hv study-time and peace. But CW was late, boys were hungry so was getting their food ready and Papa was distracted by Jamie when Josh went boom-boom on the floor. He's got his first BIG shiner! we put a cold compress on his forehead, watching the swelling go down, he ate well and seemed ok. We decided to leave him behind here and just take Jamie and Josh had a long sleep and was very cheerful in the evening when we came home. Jamie napped in car, we went to IKEA and he was a good boy, dozing and then just looking around. Came home, fed them up and "toddling time" and they slept just fine. Josh did wake up once or twice (prob leaned vs. his new bruise) but he's perfectly fine right now, and back to normal. the bruise is fading too. Nothinglah :D

Did some more "babyproofing/tidying" today and had to do some website stuff for CW. Gng to prepare their lunch now and then back to work/babyproofing etc. Maybe got MarketDay tomorrow if Mrs H. is free (hopefully all chicken pox has gone from the neighbours).

later days y'all


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