Monday, October 20, 2003

Yday was ok, Josh toddled everywhere and Jamie intermittantly toddled/crawled but talked up a storm. They were really cranky in the pm, although we left bangsar early enough. Oh well. they woke up abt 4am cos of the bad storm (So noisy etc), settled back them down after the gentle rain came. So quite a cranky morning. Jamie only wanted Papa so major tears if Papa went to get ready for work. Anyway, put them down for early nap after makan but only dozed. Went to 1Utama to get safety stuff but it was blocked off (apparently some construction "mishap") so chose to go midvalley. Don suggested call Ah Ma so I did. Spent lunch and short while after that there. Boys had good lunch and had nap etc, Josh also got to toddle (used reins) but Ah Ma was overexcited with kids so I couldnt watch everyone lol so I put josh back. Got most of what I wanted, including some new suction bowls etc which we used today. They fed themselves with a spoon quite well albeit very very messy but Josh has got the hang of it but Jamie is at least trying to use it now. So that was quite fun! :D they enjoyed it so slowly lor. Drinking by themselves is not a prob so not worried abt that.

Ok me tired today so early night. Don back later today so put the boys to bed by myself (it's been a long while, ok, maybe just weeks but hey, enjoyed the help hehe). No probs! The boys have adjusted to their new beds well, thankfully so that's good.

later days, y'all!


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