Sunday, October 12, 2003

Played good badminton (and lots!), Don went with his mum and sister to some meeting in the afternoon, think it was trying/tiring for him. They (Ah Kow and Uncle Kevin) wanted to come around in the evening for the kids, so they fed them etc. Ah Kow wasn't keen to bathe or play wt them in the yard today, guess must be an off day, although she said she didnt like the yard cos it's too small (although it can fit don, myself, toys and kids pretty ok and she's tiny but hey, it's prob an off day). Kevin bathed them etc, Papa put them to bed. But we had the usual Josh drama.. it's been like that lately, he's getting used to being patted or cuddled to sleep now, although we have noticed a new tooth coming most of the way thru so not sure if it's that or not. They've been overstimulated lately I guess and routine has been chaos since Jamie's op. Anyway, his appetite's also been on and off. Went with Karen to visit Jo, ZY and baby Ryan in the hosp. He's so cute! (and long) JH and Sue also popped by for a short while while we were there. Got to hold a newborn again (that seems so long again and man, so light!! lol). Jo and I discussed breastfeeding techniques etc and after JH and Sue left, Ryan seemed like he wanted to feed but also was sleepy hehehee.. Don will drop the nursing pillow to her tomorrow (she is back home now). So it was nice to visit her and see how happy they both were! YAY! someone else in the geng who are parents hehehee.

Today was the last race of the season at Suzuka and most of the geng came around, we had pizza and birthday cake (thanks Ren!!) and the kids got to toddle/crawl around and a lot of cuddles. More crawl/walk time after their brief nap in the afternoon, fed, bathed and again, Josh began his nightly complaining. Don thinks we shld pat him to sleep but I think that he will get used to it so I'd hv to do it all the time. He's started being scared of the bath tho, I dont know why or when that started, only recent. I dont recall anything (like too hot water or a fall or something) that cld have triggered this off but have to reassure him and calm him down bfr bedtime methinks. Anyway, next week shld be a quiet one (minus Jamie's follow up visit and also the cleaners) but anyway, no visitors methinks.

ok, back to the Triangle script. Later days y'all!


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