Monday, October 13, 2003

Goodness me! It's been a good day with the kiddies, naps all on time, ate well, played lots, in great moods etc. Jamie walked like 5 steps! and a few times, only between myself and Daddy. He was very pleased. So hopefully if we slowly build his confidence then he will want to walk more. Night time dramas again, the boys did take a tumble while upstairs playtime (At the end) so they were a bit cranky and jamie bawls in the bath now.. So does josh, I tried to re-introduce them to the bath, bit by bit, takes forever but mannn... But Jamie was the one who was bawling his head off. Cant see any problems with his wound or the plaster tho. Doesnt seem to have soreness either.

So we had such a frightful time with them at bedtime, even after reading of story, trying to quieten Jamie (which in turn affected Josh- well, only after I left the room). Daddy was home so he settled them both after abt 45mins while Mummy cooked dins. Aiyoooo.. I dont know what is with the kids and their bedtime in this last week plus. Is it cos of Jamie's op, their routine out? their pm naps are too long? Toothies? they were in great moods in the daytime.. although I suspect the tumble etc did give them a jolt (when they were very tired and grumpy). Wasnt much of a tumble really and they are generally ok but when tired, things take on epic proportions it seems. Aww the poor babies. Hopefully the doc will have some answers for us when we go for our follow up visit on Wed. I dont think it's nightmares or cos they need someone there all the time (like don's mum insists), it's just some reassurance, its only been recently anyways. It will soon get back to normal, I am sure. At least Don has been around to help in the evenings otherwise, susah lor. Josh now holds onto his bear (he pats it on the hip like we do him lol) and Jamie always had his turtle (or Teh ta) so hopefully they will get better.

now they are back to sleep and it's time for us to eat, whew!

later days y'all.


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