Monday, September 29, 2003

goodness, so out of date. The manuscript is back for its 2nd round of editing and the grandparents are in town too. Went to IKEA to look at cot beds etc with them, bumped into Lini and the rest of the Feisol family. It's been an active time for us all. Played badminton on Sat, took Jamie this week, he was a good boy and was laughing and smiling and even had a short doze! Went to MK a couple of times last week. Ah Khong has had meetings or courses so the kids havent seen him so much but the boys spent lots of quality time with Grandma! They are both getting very confident in standing on their own and even taking steps ahead. Jamie took a few steps and headed to his daddy!! sooo cute.. they both will cruise around MK (Grandparents have moved furniture so that its a semi-ring). Josh tends to get attracted to playing with the phone hehe. He's learning to climb up onto the sofa though (it's lower than ours). He's also grasped the concept of the remote too! While I was at badminton, Ah Kow and Uncle Kevin came around and played with Josh, Apparently he grabbed the remote and tried pressing the buttons while aiming at the TV hehe. when it didnt work, he shook it and smacked it and pointed it back at the TV. Just like us, they learn so fast. The day after, Jamie did a similar thing too, they had a remote each. habislah! Ah Kow and Uncle Kevin bathed them etc and put them to bed. Mama had to go back in to soothe them cos they were so excited and then they eventually fell asleep. Grandparents were out on Sat night visiting old friends and we saw them on sunday, went to look at other kids furniture places (but tiada) so when the mattress comes in from IKEA, then we can get the cot bed (and maybe some shelves). The boys are back to sleeping thru the night, although Jamie sorta wakes up and after giving him back his turtle (or Ta-ta) he goes back to sleep. Gramma and Ah Khong gave the boys one teddy bear each and they love cuddling them (the boys that is hehe). Yday, when the boys were doing their crawl-around, Josh walked about 5 steps from the stairs "wall/banister" to where mama was sat. He was at Papa's door when we said time for a bath and I was in front of our door and he turned around and toddled towards us!! he was so pleased with himself and he got lots of hugs and cheers from the parents! Only a matter of time I think he's getting more confident. They both had good naps and were in a good mood.

Today, the grandparents are coming around and we hv a few things to do. Id better have my breakfast while the kids are asleep and then get back to working on my manuscript. Will add more later!

later days y'all.


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