Saturday, September 13, 2003

Well, Josh has woken up two nights in a row, his nose running. will add more later. Ah Kow and Uncle Kevin are here.

nightmarish couple of nights with Josh, but his fifth and sixth teeth hv broken thru properly now, it must be hurting like hell and also he has a runny nose :( so he's been up and about too much over the last few nights. Today's naps were TERRIBLE. Hardly anything. Josh slept in our room in the end but he kept kicking me and he didnt realy settle to sleep. so don took him back to his room, more BAWLING. eventually took him back when don woke up early. I didnt get any sleep. I went to the market early that morning too, aiyoooo... Played extra long badders today as well. Ah kow and kevin came, chewie got excited, kids woke up and we had bad storm in pm so no nap :( poor don. He's got to the inking stage of the phobias script but hasnt been able to get to it as much as he'd like. On top of that, he studies inbtwn. Poor man! anyway, tonight, jamie so tired, he fell asleep drinking his milk. After his cat nap, he didnt want to go to sleep after his bath! I told don just to give em a wipe down and then straight to bed but he said hv bath better, Josh went to sleep straight away but then woke up again (just after we managed to get Jamie down). so cuddled and rocked him, he wld bawl every time I puthim back in the cot. So he came to our room for a cuddle and rocking, gave him calpol and bonjela and he settled down soon with a happy smile on his face. Poor thing... hope he manages to sleep thru the night. Tomorrow, if anyone wants to visit, MUST insist come btwn nap times. well most ppl are aware of their naptimes so generally ok. It's just that they've been off of late. Not sure if a longer morning nap is better and do away wt the pm one (cos they dont seem as keen on it, mind u it does depend on how well they sleep in the morning).

well anyway, the BIG news is that Jamie took his first step on Fri! YAY! we are all in the yard together, playing with the toy phone and josh was chatting away standing up trying to force the headpiece to my ear LOL and jamie wanted to come join us (he'd thrown some toy over or another) and I told him to come over, he used my thigh to push himself up to a "horse stand" (martial artists take note lol) and steadied himself up to a standing position. After that, he took a step towards me with the delighted but scared expression. After that he was like.. urm mama.. what do I do now.... LOL so I gave him a big hug and cuddle and he was well pleased wt himself. Josh also gave his brother a clap LOL So exciting!!!!!!!

hopefully their snuffles (its quite mild) will clear soon. not sure reg: their pool playdate on tues in that case :(

hope to get to speak to the parents, hvnt chatted to them for a while. anyway, thats it for me. I am zoned. I hv to finish my crits and then I am off to bed! 2.5 hours of badders and no sleep can really konk ya out.... hope all hv a great w.end!

later days, yall!


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