Monday, September 15, 2003

Yay! he slept most of the night (he woke up once, bonjela-ed him and boom, back to sleep). They(the toothies) hv broken thru so hopefully it will be manageable now. Their runny noses are almost gone, since their toothies came thru. Tomorrow is their play/swim date with Raeven Cher-Cher and Auntie Jenn so that will be fun. we will hv lunch there and a swim and a lil playtime bfr we head home. YAY! Jenn and I hv a few things to chitchat abt too, her inlaws will be around so enough hands hehe. Ah Ma came around this afternoon and got to feed the boys their evening meal, play with them, read books wt them, feed them their afternoon milk. They all had a good time LOL She read them their bedtime story after which Mama put them to bed. I bonjela-ed Josh straight away so he didnt complain too much when I put him to sleep. He's been a bit clingy the last couple of weeks more so this week but he has had a rough time with his toothies so I can understand. Besides I like cuddling 'em both! hehe. Josh can do the 'bbb' sound but Jamie hasnt yet. They both chat so much, sooo cute! at ;least they both like reading.

YAY! the fried rice/economy rice place is open again! This time with dang powerful lights, Don says. they do fab fried rice with spicy chilli padi!! yummmmmmmy.... must get for my Mummy and Daddy- they will like! Not too oily. tasty!!!!!!!

ok.. I found inspiration to do editing! So after makan, must go dooooo.

later days y'all!


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