Friday, August 29, 2003

Man, am I behind. I finished the phobias script and round one of the 'story round' on PJ. Josh has been up on and off. He does talk a fair bit now and Jamie pulls himself up to stand a fair amount now. The reno isnt as bad, just in pockets and the boys generally can get back to napping. Jamies 7th tooth is abt half way or more and his 8th tooth has broken thru methinks. Josh's fifth tooth has broken thru. So many new words from Jamie but he's taken to screaming until he gets what he wants so we are trying to curb that. Dont want a problem later on. Gramma and Ah Khong arrived yday and saw them yday. We spent a lot of the day in IKEA after the plumber and cleaner (for MK), luckily the major rain storm had cleared by then. We had lunch (and kids dinner ehhee they love salmon!). They've tried cow's milk (fresh) now and they love it! YAY!!!!! so much easier for me. Been trying out different recipes. I even went to the market with Mrs H yday! woohoooooo much cheaper and fresher, esp the fish. PIcked up some small items for the house, kitchen rail, stuff like that. Was good :D Had a great time at CY's the boys were good, crawled around a lot Thanks to cY for letting us chill out at his place!

I still love browsing that place but it's tiring, man! Time for bed!! Cant think of anything else to say...

later days


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