Sunday, August 24, 2003

It's Sunday, it's supposed to be a rest day for workers, dang it! They r still renovating, the kids got a bit more sleep this time they didnt start drilling until later. Papa cooked rice broth for them today, using Ah Kow's small rice cooker (she won it in a lucky draw!). Has turned out well. So will add a wee bit of bovril to it (Ah Ma expressed a concern that we dont give them salt in their food, no taste etc etc yday so we told her at most we use chicken stock, a weeeee bit of bovril but the boys are used to tasty veg and its cooked in milk and cheese sometimes so not worried abt that. Better for their health anyway) I found Jamie standing up on his cot this morning, holding on to the sides, he was pleased to be there but wasnt entirely sure how to get down properly. He did it twice again in the yard but always when we weren't looking at him. He was very chuffed and after a time, slowly lowered himself. so hopefully this means he will try and pull himself up and be less reliant (is that how you spell it) on others. Josh is in a good mood today and hopefully with the odd 45-1hr nap they've had so far. Jamie has gone back to taking his drink now so that's a relief. I will write more this evening (f1 tonight!) as it's time to cook lunch :) the boys are giggling and chattering to each other upstairs.

ooooh Jamie tries to stand all the time and he even said "bath... room" when I was in the bathroom washing my hands. Josh said 'fan' clearly today and giggled afterwards. so we had two boys going 'fan' 'fan'. Jamie slept a short while, he's taken to standing all the time and then throws out his turtle and then wonders where it's gone. So he and Mama played for a while. The workers only worked half day today *YAY* so some peace. It rained so the weather is cooler and I need only a few more hours to finish editing. Even more *YAY*! I am so sleeeeeeeeeeeeepy! anyways, see how we go :)

later days y'all


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