Monday, August 25, 2003

Man, what a night. F1 was funky, exciting race! YAY ALONSO!!!!!! But the boys hardly slept last night, they woke up so often. Eventually got josh in our bed and he slept, albeit occasionally waking up. Jamie woke up abt 4-5 times. It doesnt help that there are renovations STILL going on. I may hv to take em out cos the back is noisy, the front is noisy, no peace! they r so tired. Maybe I can go check out the new IKEA or something. THeir lunch is ready, just hv to warm it up etc. I havent made bread this morning, I shld get it started and set the timer so when we get home it wld be done. I was gng to make a nice soup for lunch today(Got older veg that need using) but if I am gng out, I'll do it in the afternoon methinks and have it for dinner instead. Don thinks we shld go out, the boys are gng to get cranky. and he knows I cant buy anything from IKEA cos it aint pay day yet ehhehehehehee.

ok, best get packing up etc.

Am back from IKEA. Waaaahhhh impressivenya! I went on my own and I could do it! They had lifts, they have baby rooms on both floors, I could go to the loo (I had to use the disabled loo but at least I could go lol) I managed to carry my tray, feed them and myself, and they slept!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so they were in a great mood YAY! I had the roast beef for lunch, it wasnt bad, it came wt parsnips and carrots and chips and lots of gravy. the boys had their dessert as always after their broth. My legs are real tired now lol I took notes of things that might be of interest to us over the next few months so at least can tell don. I got such a shock when I turned around and Josh had managed to slip off his "seatbelts" and was standing up in the back looking very pleased wt himself. I was like yikes! I settled him back in and adjusted the straps. They were attracting a lot of attention in IKEA and I got many questions. a couple of them being, oh is ur maid on holiday, how could u cope by urself. When I tell them I dont hv a maid anyway, they look at me like hmm.. she's mad! LOL so funny! But it was a nice outing for us all and the boys could sleep. I really wish that the shopping centres/shops here could be as enlightened as IKEA when it comes to kids and parents etc.

Tomorrow Uncle CY coming over methinks. Don managed to get home by 6pm today! So the boys had a fun crawl around upstairs, bathtime and a story read by Papa and then off to bed! We had our dinner early so I can work on the script for phobias (he's worked out the plot) so at least we can get that out of the way. Once that is done, we can get to grips wt the pix next, he has to study for his MCSD. Hopefully I get to go to Tesco's tomorrow and then the market wt Mrs Hong early, early morning bfr don goes to work. Ok, time to work on the script!

later days, y'all


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