Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Just a lil note for today. Went for dins wt Sue and CW yday and had lunch and other business to attend wt CW earlier in the day. The boys were crawling around in the office and josh tried to take another step btwn the sofa and Mamal's knee. Jamie is very talkative now and has tried saying 'drink', 'picture' and a couple more words. They were both rather tired this morning and didnt eat very much and they went for their nap early today. I got the GA for the changes to the manuscript so back to editing for me! :D I hv to say I like the McD's Chicken Porridge, weird as that may sound LOL a nice kind hubby got me that for breakfast today! YAY!

I may not post much over the next few days, not unless there are new developments or something I just HAVE to say LOL Say Ku comes into town today!

later days y'all!


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