Saturday, June 18, 2005

Edited version of my post: Inlaw lunch day :)Boys got major cranky and got sent up early after lunch. After a good attempt at quiet time, boys of course bergaduh mah and josh did hit his brother with a car, daddy got very mad and it was quite a nightmare with bawling kids and
everything.. so I decided ok, thats it... so I packed up the kids in the car, told don we are gng for a drive.. he asked where, I said anywhere lor... so I drove em along the highway, past the used car shops (hehee must see car what!), went to subang airport, drove back,went up to parliament and then made my way to TTDI, I decided to go and find the park there.. took the kids (who had been there with my
dad) and then decided to take em for a walk. Packed them up in the stroller (Josh in front, k in back and jamie on the buggy board, hes taller).. and off we went.. its a lovely place and very stroller friendly... there was a lovely breeze and there was a group of musicians practising with their drums/tom2s sorta thing.. and we walked along (or I pushed them along rofl) and we saw the water fall, fountains and even saw a dragonfly (bright orange!) and two butterflies even landed on the stroller so that was a thrill for my lads... even K (who had slept most of the time) looked around and gurgled... It was a real enjoyable (albeit tiring lol) time for me,
got to show my boys outdoor stuff- trees, flowers and the different birds/insects that I remember.. This is what I remember from my own childhood, we always had time to do these things, despite all the swimming etc and parents used to always take the time to explain to us or wed go look it up somewhere (I guess this is where i get the love of research huh)..and this is what I'd love to carry on with my kids
ya know?

cor.. sappy....
I wrote a script for foxmerquise's writing contest (on, for comic ppl, writing/art/whatever)... Don really loved it, which did surprise me cos I didnt think it was that great and really needed more tweaking.. LOL but he's biased ;)

When the voting comes about, vote for me! hahahahahahahahaa waaah no false modesty hor...


later days


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