Thursday, June 16, 2005
An interesting post today!

I really agree with her. There's so much I'd love to do too, mostly driving related, hmm are my sons a bad influence or did I influence them?? hehehehehee Take an advanced driving course, drive a manual car with ease (automatic also can haha), try go karting, racing around Sepang! (of course monaco circuit would be unreal but I think its cheaper to go to Sepang haha), publish my writing, get don published.. Get healthy, lose weight (ahh, the perenial womea's headache lol). Min and I must do paintball together haha.. what a great stress relief!

Family does come first but there's got to be life after children. Imagine if kids move out, leave home etc and you look at your partner and think, eh? now what? you hv to maintain hobbies/interests both with your partner and seperate thereof. Making time for each other even when kiddies are young is important. Its too ez as min says to get wrapped up in making ends meet, raising the kids and the chores etc. I like to think it wld set a good example for my kids (as my parents hv done for us) that we are active, happy in ourselves and those around us and exploring! I want my kids to know they can do anything they set their mind to, mebbe not always straight away but keep at it and it happens. The right road is not always the easiest road.

With don's finding out that his family is prone to diabetes and high BP (ours I think is high BP), he wants to make a conscious effort for a lifestyle change. Talking abt it is fine, but doing it, esp with the commute and hours he works is quite hard. Slowly but surely it will happen. can go for park walks during wkend with his kids (and mummy lol), both bonding and exercise! or swimming at MK (whether parents there or not), even just teaching em to ride bikes! He does tend to worry a lot and stress abt the "what ifs" and sometimes it tends to hold him back (err I cld say I know who he takes after hehehee).. but hes learning to. Life is too short for too much regret, and he wants his kids to hv a real childhood and enjoy it, not a childhood of musnt do anything cos this MAY or may not happen.. Mummy thinks of the what ifs, eliminates the likelihood and does it.. Of course Mummy is mental ROFL I really dont want to end up being at home all the time and moping or expecting my kids to give me a life.. I may as well blardy go out and do it myself! If I hv the capacity, go for it. Friends are important here, after all, having the "cronies" really does help.. Although I do draw the line at hotpants and purple hair hahaahahahaa

hopefully by the time Im of retiree age, there wld b much cooler retirement complexes (like they have overseas) and not the old folks homes where ppl seem to look so depressed :( mebbe if we have the wherewithal, we can do it ourselves! hahahaa

ok, enough of this philosophy crap.. time to go back to life and chores n tesco's! Agnes (drew's sis) and Shob are coming over this arvo and I hv to pick up kids from school too.. may go straight there after Tesco. see how.. parents are coming this w.end, YAY!!!

later days


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