Wednesday, June 08, 2005

long day! but generally a good one. Took the boys to the new kizsport over in 1Utama (the one that has a branch in BSC). They LOVED it.. its much bigger and better there and there were cars to drive arnd a "road", slides, ball pits, sections for younger kids, bouncey castle (complete with a TURTLE), eating place etc. Very nice. all were well behaved and the mummies didnt get to chat so muhc this time but still we had a good time. Suma and sanjay (neighbour) came with us and they enjoyed it too! All was good! The boys cant stop talking abt it lol I promised we will take them again to the "playground with the road" lol

Tomorrow we are gng to the breastfeeding support group meeting and then meeting dons mum for lunch. Then I've got to pick up (and drop off) stuff for CW. Fri wld be relatively quiet at home. May take the boys there on sat (to Kizsports) so to make em nap bfr their party on sat (they hv a bday party to go to).

time for me to head to bed! long day today and tomorrow too!

later days


At 1:47 pm, Blogger mjey said...

Wah despite all the still have the energy and time ah! So goodlah you. I hope I can do the same for my lil girl after I have the 2nd one!


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