Friday, April 01, 2005

Jane and her daughter were just here, Jazzmine is hmm, 8 months now and such a dear lil girl.. soooo cute. Learnt to crawl quite well now and can even pull herself up, loves trying to stand! The two boys were fascinated by her, josh even kissed her goodbye.. sooo cute.. they talked to her, Jamie mostly, josh watched from a distance (he tends to be quieter in most company till he warms up). Jamie didnt leave baby alone, talked non-stop wt baby, let her play wt toys, so cute! and very nice to see. Watched her getting her feed, chattered away and never left her side.. awwwww

Lets see how they r with their own baby haha

CY coming over soon and he's having dinner nearby too in case! Godma Karen is still plugging for tonight HAHAAA

later days y'all


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