Friday, July 02, 2004

Quick blog: Jamie is gng to begin his toilet training.. josh isnt as ready yet so I think will have a go, one at a time :D Josh may learn from jamie's "mistakes" and "successes" so it cld work out well . Got the pullups, undies etc.. just have to be prepared for the accidents LOL ARRGHHH... lol

Paypal has come to malaysia!!! yay!! that means ebay is ours to buy/sell... so we cld sell don's art or get his commissioned art out there :D YAY!!!

Have mikef's son's first moon party tomorrow evening so we'll be gng to that, in cheras no less.. Am trying to sell off the cot bed, prob put an ad in the IBU mag or something.. ugh... am gng to switch the boys to a double bed OR the bunk beds (as stand-alones). and then train jamie NOT to come to us at night, hes given up crying now, just gets out, bangs on the door and then stomps to our room and goes to sleep right on the bed.. urgh... If they are sick or scared cos of a storm or something, that isnt so bad but not every night, all the time... it's getting tiresome. See how we go...

thats all really, got a new playgroup to try next week, Fri ams. Let's see how that goes :D

later days y'all


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