Friday, March 05, 2004

Well then.. it's been some days, just a coupla heheee.. Been working on the web page ads for MMB. Got that sent off (waiting for one more person). MMB supposed to be featured in an article this Sunday (Star, Metro??) so keep an eye out for that. Things are picking up for them too. Called the twins playgroup lady and will be gng to a trial playgroup on monday morning (after I meet our insurers too). Ack, also gotta update car insurance, aiyoooooo... the good news is that we cleared one credit card WOOHOOOOOOOO... now only one more to go hehehee...but it's a huge relief ya know? Cleaners hv been, boys been ok, josh woke up last night (I THINK he's teething/tooth breaking thru) so it was really tiring. they hardly napped today, thanks to eldest boy. He looks more and more like his Say Ku nowadays, esp wt his long hair ahhaa. He just cant stop yabbering and his words are quite clear now. He was like an overexcited bunny rabbit tonight (The storm was very bad, he didnt wanna go to bed but he went down w.o much fuss a short while later. Chee is here tonight. We've had more probs wt our email/site and I cant even send mail to outside from JARING itself.. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR>.. but for streamyx... :( :(

Josh is climbing everything in site, almost climbed out of hte cot from inside out, outside in..soooo hv to think of alternatives... Ugh so many things to think about..oh well... Jamie and Josh are getting more signs of "toilet training readiness" so gng to let them get used to sitting on one slowly. Jamie has a bit of nappy rash still so he tells me abt it or tries to take his nappy off.. Im thinkign of looking for other kinds of nappies (that can pull up and down). Tesco's or Toys R Us (Gotta look for a potty or two)... They r so cute tho and hv changed so much... Amazing stuff...

ok.. that's all for now.. Ugh, cant check my email, so hard to do the last page..mutter mutter...Tomrorow got course and everything.... hmmmm..when to go for retail therapy...

later days y'all


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