Wednesday, March 03, 2004

General Yabbering

Dividing up into subject areas lol experimenting hahaaa... Nothing much, don's almost done wt the lettering now. Once he finishes up wt nina's stuff, then we can work on submissions (after doing some websites etc). At least better sleeping at night now. whew!!!! Been discussing wt don how best to arrange the living room again and clear up so if any new kidides they hv a room. It's too exp to move to a bigger house really, rather save that for a bigger car (more practical) but reno wt kids in house is no fun... but funding is an issue I guess.. oh well.. wait and see how we can manage it all.. :D at least we are clearing our debt a lot faster now :D who knows, mebbe win lotto HAHAA

Potty Training !

Josh is trying to put his shorts on or off, he looks so funny bending down and tugging at em or when he tries to put em on, he doesnt know how to put feet in so he just holds them up to his waist and runs arnd LOL He doesnt wanna wear his nappy really but not quite ready to tell me when to go but he does tell me that hes made a mess and now he squats when dng a jobbie I think...or so it seems... but they both tell me how uncomfy they r, whether a wee or a poop.

anyway I go to the loo wt door open and they watch (just a wee lah lol) and I tell em what Im doing etc. So Jamie (who sits on the closed loo when I bathe josh on my own) said yday "Wee! Wee!" and tried to reach for the loo paper and/or flush.. hehehehhee...

hmmmmm... I gotta try and look up potty training for twins, cos I am not sure whether to hv a potty as well as the throne and let em take turns and either go together or one at a time... Am also hoping the exposure to other older kids doing the same might inspire them slowly...

As for the potty/throne thingy, the prob is that dont hv such a big bathroom.. mind you THEIR bathroom got room...mebbe time to clear that one up.. and try that? hmmmmm....

I wanna start em slowly, taking my time intro them, see how they go first and not rushing them... wont try pullups just yet (AIYOOO SOOOO EXP!) but they r gng thru a nap w/ dry nappies so it's a good beginning :) not always, need to see reg: their liquid intake, esp at night.


Boys didnt go playgroup, so cranky and arguing amongst each other so tossed em into nap time, I think may need to try them for afternoon nap slowly cos Jamie isnt sleeping in the am now, or mebbe one up for day, one for night.. see how...but me wanna check out the twins playgroup etc and when MMB organises its own (am hoping for Sat am), then yay!

Mebbe go 1Utama today.. see how they r :) they hvnt slept this morning at least not enough, giggling away, I bet the room is trashed.. lol see if can find kaki, always nicer wt kaki!

later days y'all!


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