Friday, August 19, 2005

The latest word in the papers, the haze may come back as soon as Monday and there have been more hotspots spotted... sigh... great, just in time for the school hols...

oh well... tues boys hv a playdate with Laura Cher2, adam :) While the mummies go get pampered HAHAHAHA and there is the kl arts festival thingy for kids next week too...

one of my fondest memories of penang was: sneaking out with the boys while daddy and baby slept and getting apom.. just like my dad does or used to do.. Go past the market in Pulau Tikus, go to that coffee shop, order plenty and then head home and makan.. made me quite sentimental! (nemind it was like 630am or something!)

Ok, k is awake now... and it will be time to get those monkeys (who dressed intheir CNY baju for "costume" theme for last day of school).

later days


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